Roasted Veggie Steak Salad

Some salads are just wilty lettuce and goopy dressing. This is not that salad. This beast is made with fresh, roasted veggies and tender, juicy steak.

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Tempting Tuna Melt

This tuna melt has a secret in it’s mayo. A hot, Horseradish kinda secret. Do we have your attention now? Read on brave one.

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Chili Chicken Mac and Cheese

Chicken, chili and mac'n'cheese. Favorites all around, but what happens when you combine all three in one crock pot? Pure Magic.

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Shrimp Kisses

These butterfly (shrimp) kisses will melt in your mouth... and you can wrap them in thin bacon if you don’t have prosciutto handy.

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Louisiana Red Beans & Rice

Although this creole dish isn’t traditionally Cajun we have modified the recipe to bring that distinct flavor in to this favorite.

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Cajun Crawfish Étouffée

Étouffée is a very traditional Louisiana seafood stew that can be either Cajun or Creole flavored depending on the spices used.

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