How To Prep Fresh Herbs

How To Prep Fresh Herbs

From woody herbs like rosemary to large-leaf herbs like basil, here's how to prepare your fresh herbs.


Strip the leaves off the tough stems - you don't need to pick them individually.

Rosemary & Thyme

  1. Hold the sprig by the top of the stem so that the leaves are pointed toward your hand.
  2. Pull your other hand down the length of the stem from top to bottom so the leaves fall off.



The thin stems of these leafy herbs are fine to eat; just get rid of any thick stems.

Parsley, Cilantro & Dill

  1. Hold the bunch by the stems in one hand. Position a chef's knife at the base of the leaves.
  2. Use the knife to "shave" off the leaves. Remove any thick steams before chopping.



These leaves are easy to pluck off one at a time. Cut them into ribbons to distribute their flavor.

Basil, Sage & Mint

  1. Pick off the leaves and stack them, then roll into a mini log.
  2. Slick across the log to create thin ribbons.



Use kitchen shears on these slender stalks so you can snip off only as much as you need.


  1. Gather as many chives as you need in a rubber band.
  2. Use shears to snip the chives to the desired length.


Article sourced from Food Network Magazine.

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