How To Light A Grill

How To Light A Grill

Lighting a charcoal grill takes time, but it's worth the effort!

Use a chimney starter to light coals quickly, and without lighter fluid.

1. Fill the chimney.

Turn the chimney starter upside-down and stuff newspaper in the bottom. Turn the chimney right-side up; place it on the bottom grill grate and fill with briquettes. (Make sure your grill vents are open!)

2. Start the fire.

Pile an equal amount of hardwood lump charcoal next to the chimney. Light the newspaper through the holes in the bottom of the chimney. (This mix of briquettes and lump charcoal is ideal: The briquettes burn steadily for a long time; the lump charcoal burns super hot and adds flavor.)

3. Let is burn.

Once the charcoal catches fire, wait 15 to 20 minutes: The flames will die down and the briquettes will be glowing hot and asked over.

4. Fill your grill.

Using an oven mitt, dump the hot briquettes onto the unlit lump charcoal; arrange them with long tongs. Replace the top grate. Wait about 10 minutes for the lump charcoal to catch fire before cooking. (This amount of coal should last 45 minutes to 1 hour.)


Article courtesy of Food Network Magazine

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