Direct and Indirect Heat

Direct and Indirect Heat

We'll show you how to quickly and safely prepare your grill.

Direct Heat

This is the more common setup - the food is cooked directly over hot coals. To prep the grill, spread evenly on the bottom, then replace the top grate.

User for: burgers, hot dogs, boneless chicken breasts or anything that's less than 2 inches thick

Indirect Heat

Use this setup for low-and-slow grilling (you'll only need half a chimney's worth of charcoal). To prep the grill, push the hot coals to one side; replace the top grate. Place the food on the cooler side of the grill and cover.

Use for: bone-in chicken, ribs and other thick cuts

For Gas Grills

To prepare for indirect cooking, preheat to medium high with all burners on. Turn off half the burners (the middle one if there are three); place the food on the cooler part of the grill and cover.


Article courtesy of Food Network Magazine

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