Back to School - Packing Lunch Tips & Ideas

Back-To-School-Packing Lunch Tips & Ideas

Before heading back to school, allow Championship Catering to help you with some tips and ideas for packing your child’s lunch. Check these shortcuts out:

Get Ready to be Schooled w/Tips & Tricks to Pack School Lunches

Make your own Ice Packs Make your own Ice Packs-sponges

You can make your own Ice Packs by using Sponges filled with water then placed in a Ziploc Bags and boom a frozen ice packs to keep your food cold.

Use Empty Bottles for Sauces

These Empty Mio Bottles make a FANTASTIC Way to store and send sauces and condiments. If your kids love things like Ranch Dressing, Italian Dressing or Ketchup then this Is a mess free option.

Make a Snack Station

Create a Snack Station in your Fridge and Pantry, let your older kids make their
own lunches by pulling one or 2 of each items and placing them in their lunchbox.

Easy Portable Utensils Use Wooden Utensils for Pudding

Use Wooden utensils for a smaller easily portable option that can be thrown away so that you don’t have to worry about your kids bringing utensils back home. These also take up less space than plastic utensils and are less likely to get broken.

Wrap Sandwiches with a Lunch Mat

Skip the Plastic Bag and use Wax Paper Instead to create a Nice Lunch Space for your Kids to use at School, this will help keep food off the table and give them a larger germ-free area to spread out their lunch.

Use Muffin Liners as SeparatorsUse Muffin Liners as Separators

Add some color to your kids lunches using Silicone Muffin Liners, these are inexpensive and easy to wash and they help keep foods separate and create additional dividers in your kids lunch boxes.

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