We get Graduations!

We get Graduations

Let Championship Catering coordinate the food with your Graduation Party Theme!
Need a trendy idea for your Grad's party? Check out these fun ideas...

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Get the scoop on real Italian food.

Italian Food

Did you know that not all Italian dishes are truly Italian? Learn more about the origins of some of our favorite dishes. And, did you ever wonder what that noodle was called? We have the complete list of who's who with pasta!

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What's Trending... with FOOD


These hot dishes and ingredients are popping up everywhere these days. From popular restaurant dishes to your favorite snacks at home.

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8 Pro Tips for Carving A Pumpkin

8 Pro Tips for Carving The Perfect Pumpkin

Halloween in right around the corner and it's time to carve your pumpkins! Check out these expert tips for making your jack-o-latern look better and last longer.

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What’s Your Candy IQ?

What’s Your Candy IQ?

Test your knowledge of trick-or-treating favorites with this fun quiz! Grab a notepad and track your answers. The score sheet is at the bottom of this article... but no peeking!

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Grillmaster Cheat Sheet

Grillmaster Cheat Sheet

Don't guess at cooking times and temperatures... Just keep this handy printable cheat sheet near the grill.

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