What’s Your Candy IQ?

What’s Your Candy IQ?

Test your knowledge of trick-or-treating favorites with this fun quiz! Grab a notepad and track your answers. The score sheet is at the bottom of this article… but no peeking!

Candy Quiz

  1. Put these candies in order from oldest to newest.
    A. Tootsie Roll    B. Necco Wafers    C. Hershey’s Milk Chocolate bar
  2. Where were Gummy Bears Invented?
    A. Sweden   B. United States   C. Japan   D. Germany
  3. ID each of these candy bars.
  4. Which of these ingredients is not in candy corn?
    A. Honey    B. Pasteurized egg yolks    C. Wax    D. Corn syrup
  5. Which is the name of a real candy bar?
    A. Chicken Dinner    B. Goo Goo Cluster    C. Idaho Spud     D. All of the above
  6. Match the slogan to the candy.
    1. Whatchamacallit _____
    2. Skittles _____
    3. Swedish Fish _____
    4. York _____
    5. Twizzlers _____

    A. Taste the rainbow
    B. Makes mouths happy
    C. Get the sensation
    D. It’s more than a mouthful
    E. A friend you can eat
  7. Which has never been an M&M’s flavor?
    A. Key lime pie    B. Dark mint     C. Birthday cake     D. Pumpkin spice latte
  8. What was cotton candy originally called?
    A. Cottonballs     B. Angel Thread     C. Fairy Floss     D. Sugar Fluff
  9. What’s the origin of the word “lollipop”?
    A. It means “tickle your tongue” in German.
    B. It was the name of a racehorse.
    C. Lolli is the inventor’s hometown in Iceland.
    D. It’s a nonsense term coined in the early 1900s.
  10. Sour Patch Kids were originally shaped like:
    A. Robots    B. Martians    C. Animals    D. Letters
  11. Which ingredient makes Pop Rocks pop in your mouth?
    1. Carbon dioxide     B. Citric acid     C. Baking soda     D. Nitrogen
  12. Which of the following flavors was not part of the original Life Savers Five-Flavor roll?
    A. Pineapple     B. Orange     C. Lime     D. Grape
  13. What is the best-selling Halloween candy?
    A. Kit Kat     B. Snickers     C. Reese’s     D. Twix
  14. The Sugar Daddy caramel pop was originally called:
    A. Sugar Mama     B. Papa Sucker     C. Sweet Pop     D. Big Daddy
  15. A typical bag of trick-or-treat loot contains what percent chocolate?
    A. 25%     B. 50%     C. 75%     D. 90%
  16. The real-life Willy Wonka Candy company came to be in:
    A. 1950, more than a decade before Roald Dahl wrote the book Charlie and the Chocolate Factory
    B. 1965, soon after the book was released
    C. 1971, tied to the movie Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory
    D. The 1980s, with the release of the Everlasting Gobstopper
  17. About how many licks does it take to get to the center of a Tootsie Pop?
    A. 50 to 150     B. 150 to 150     C. 250 to 350     350 to 450
  18. How much did a Hershey bar cost when it first hit store shelves?
    A. A penny     B. A nickel     C. A quarter     D. A dollar
  19. Name the decade of origin for each candy: ‘50s, ‘60s, ‘70s, or ‘80s?
    A. Laffy Taffy     B. Nerds     C. Now and Later     D. Pixy Stix
  20. The original 3 Musketeers bar contained which flavors:
    A. Chocolate and vanilla
    B. Chocolate and banana
    C. Vanilla and strawberry
    D. Chocolate, vanilla and strawberry
  21. Harry Burnett Reese, who created the Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup, was related to Milton Hershey.
    True or False
  22. Atomic Fireballs contain the same spicy molecule as hot peppers.
    True or False
  23. Saltwater taffy is made with seawater.
    True or False
  24. White chocolate is not technically chocolate.
    True of False
  25. Licorice candy can soothe a stomach.
    True or False

Score Sheet

Give yourself one point for each correct answer.

  1. B,A,C.  Necco Wafers came out in 1847, Tootsie Rolls in 1896, and Hershey’s Milk Chocolate bars in 1900.
  2. D. In 1920, Hans Riegel of Bonn, Germany, started a sweets company that eventually produced a line of chewy treats shaped like dancing bears.
  3. (Five points total) A: Almond Joy; B: Baby Ruth; C: 3 Musketeers; D: Heath Bar; E: Milky Way
  4. B: Most candy corn includes egg whites but not yolks.
  5. D. Chicken Dinner was a popular candy bar in the 1920s but has been discontinued; Goo Goo Clusters and Idaho Spuds are still sold today.
  6.  (Five points total) 1: D; 2: A 3: E; 4:C; 5:B
  7. A. M&M’s currently come in nine standard varieties. The brand frequently releases limited-edition flavors, but not key lime pie… yet.
  8. C. Spun sugar was called this fanciful name until the 1920s, when the new name “cotton candy” stuck.
  9. B. George Smith, a New Haven, CT, confectioner, trademarked the term in the 1930s based on a famous racehorse named Lolly Pop.
  10. B. Sour Patch Kids were first shaped like Martians in the 1970s; the design changed in the ‘80s as a nod to Cabbage Patch Kid dolls.
  11. A. Pop Rocks contain carbon dioxide, which created tiny bubbles that pop as the candy melts on your tongue.
  12. D. The original Five-Flavor roll included pineapple, orange, lime, lemon and cherry.
  13. C. Reese’s pulls in about $510 million during Halloween.
  14. B
  15. C. According to the National Confectioners Association, most trick-or-treaters bag 75 percent chocolate.
  16. C. The Quaker Oats company financed the 1971 movie for the purpose of promoting a new Wonka Bar, which was never released. (The Wonka brand was later sold to Nestle.)
  17. B. According to several student tallies, it takes 150 to 250 licks to reach the pop’s center. We imagine Mr. Owl – who asked this question in a 1970 commercial – would be thrilled to know.
  18. B. Hershey first sold its milk-chocolate bars for a nickel in 1900. A standard bar now costs about $1.30.
  19. (Four points total) A. ‘70s; B. ‘80s; C. ‘60s; D. ‘50s
  20. D. The first bars had all three flavors; they became all-chocolate during World War II.
  21. F. But Reese did work for Hershey on a dairy farm that Hershey owned.
  22. T. The Ferrera Candy Company adds capsaicin, a compound in chili peppers, to the candy.
  23. F. A Jersey Shore candy seller allegedly came up with the name after his shop flooded with ocean water.
  24. T. White chocolate doesn’t contain cocoa powder, so it doesn’t qualify as genuine chocolate.
  25. F. Licorice root, which is thought to have health benefits, is not an ingredient in the candy.

How Did You Do?

0 to 12 Points

Chuckle-head! Maybe stick to non-edibles and make the costumes.

13 to 24 Points

Semisweet! You may need to strengthen your sweet tooth.

25 to 36 Points

You’re a Smartie! Show off and make some of your own candy.


Quiz and Photos courtesy of Food Network Magazine


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