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Colorful Snacking

Colorful Snacking

Eating a balance of different colored foods is a great way for your body to get everything it needs to keep you healthy.  Try this rainbow of yummy snacks today!

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Chorizo-Stuffed Sweet Potatoes

Chorizo-Stuffed Sweet Potatoes

These tasty taters can even be prepared ahead of time for an even quicker weeknight meal.

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An Easter Tradition: Easter Eggs

An Easter Tradition: Egg Decorating

Egg decorating has been a tradition for thousands of years: Ancient Egyptians, early Christians, Persians and many others were embellishing eggs to celebrate the start of spring long before anyone slipped a hard-boiled egg into a cup of food coloring. Here’s a look at the colorful history of eggs, plus some dyeing tips to try at home.

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Greek Cobb Salad

Greek Cobb Salad

This is a delicious greek spin on a traditional cobb salad.

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