The Larimore

Welcome to The Larimore, a historic wedding venue in St. Louis, Missouri. You are visiting one of the largest and most innovative farms in the Mid-West. The Larimore House won an award for being the most productive farm in the area, as well as being called the "Model Farm of Missouri" by the Missouri Agricultural Society.

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The View at Vue 17

What we saw first was the view. Breathtaking in every season, Vue 17 shows off the beauty of St. Louis in panoramic fashion. We kept the space as open as possible so that when the sunset makes the city glow, you get to see all of it.

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The Aquila Barn

The Aquila Barn is tucked away on the 400 acres of Eagle Fork Farm. Featuring breath-taking scenery, distinctive character, as well a rich historical background, The Aquila Barn is a perfect balance of rustic charm and modern elegance.

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Red Beans and Rice

A Southern favorite, and soon to be your family's favorite

A southern favorite and soon to be your family’s favorite. If you don’t already have the ingredients to make any of the recipes then they should be super easy to find.

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Corn Fritters

These hearty corn fritters make a wonderful main dish or give a new twist to everyone's favorite appetizer

These hearty corn fritters can make a wonderful main dish or give a new twist to everyone’s favorite side dish. Either way bellies are guaranteed to be completely satisfied.

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Tuna and Noodles

My Grandma's favorite tuna and noodles meal

Let’s not forget it’s also lent! This delicious meal was always my grandma’s favorite easy Friday night meal.

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